What Time Does This Thing Start?

The ceremony will start at 4pm, but you should plan on being in your seat at 3:45pm. Unlike the Kardashian events, we will be on time.

How Do We Get To The Venue?

You can drive to the venue, or grab an Uber or Lyft for about $15 from Longmont. If you choose to leave your car overnight at the venue, you must pick it up by 9:00am on Sunday. If you want to park your car at the Residence Inn, we will have a trolley that brings guests back to the hotel after the reception. The location of The Lyons Farmette can be found here. Keep an eye out for the giant cock on the side of the road (seriously, there's a giant rooster sculpture).

Where is the hotel?


The hotels are located in Longmont. It's about 17 minutes from the Venue. They are all in the same area, and can be found here.

Is There Transportation Home?

We will have 2 trolley buses leaving the venue between 9:50 and 10:15pm and they will be returning to the hotels in Longmont.

Can We Leave Our Car Overnight?


Yes. You are welcome to leave your car at The Farmette overnight, but please pick it up by 9:00am on Sunday.

Who Can We Reach Out To on Wedding Day?

Feel free to call or text Kirsten (562-252-5686) or Brad (303-907-7414) for any issues that may come up. They are running interference for us :-)

Is It Cool If I Snag That Picture of Kevin With The Double Chin During The Ceremony, and Be The First to Post it on Instagram?


No, it's not, and who told you about my double chin?!? We want everyone to enjoy the moment during the ceremony and leave the photos to our photographer. After the ceremony, everyone is welcome to snap and share all the pictures they want! Our clever hashtag is #jkitslove.

Is it True That Kevin & Jordon Were Named Sexiest Couple of 2018.


The people have spoken— can you blame them? Did you really think we would get beat out by Meghan and Harry?!? Please.

I Was Told There Would Be A Baby Alpaca?


The rumors are true. There are a variety of animals to checkout at The Farmette. Our favorite is the baby alpaca, and her name is Essie. You can see all the critters on their critters Instagram

Afterparties are The Best. Where Is It?


The afterparty will be taking place around 10:30pm at Oskar Blue's Brewery. It is walking distance from the hotels, and we had them build a walkway under the highway to get you there and back safely without getting smashed by a car.

Why is Jordon Drunkenly Cheersing Everyone and Yelling OPA!!?


We will be honeymooning in Greece, and Jordon has recently discovered her new found love, Ouzo. She's pretty excited about it.